Collection: General and Industrial Brooms

 At Industrial Brushware, we cater to all your sweeping needs—whether the job is big or small we have the brush for you! 

As well as our wide and extensive range of Industrial Brushware, we also stock brushes and brooms for day to day use in domestic and commercial applications. Kitchen brooms, floor squeegees, cotton mops and scrub brushes - we have the brush for every application.



  • Plastic or Metal Dustpan and Bannister Set, Scrub Brushes, Cobweb brooms and Toilet Tidy Brush set.


  • Budget, Supreme and Patio - PVC Blend
  • Supa Sweep - Hair Blend
  • Outdoor - Poly Blend


  • Commando - Wooden backing with Hair & Fibre fill
  • Factory Master - Wooden backing with Palmyrah & Coco blend fill
  • Sweep Well - Wooden backing with Java fill
  • Sweep Master - Wooden backing with Industrial Mix fill
  • Work Master - Wooden backing with Soft Red PVC fill
  • Supertuff - Plastic backing with a wide range of fills including: soft poly, hard poly, java, hair and industrial mix.

** All available with either wooden or aluminium handles


  • Cotton Mop Heads available in various sizes from 250 to 700 grams.
  • Dust Control Mops available in 30cm, 60cm and 90cm sizes and can be purchased in complete, fringe or frame only options.
  • Scissor Mops available in one size only - Complete, fringe or frame options available.
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