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Industrial Brushware has been the leading manufacturer of a wide variety of high quality sweeping and scrubbing brushes for over 25 years to suit nearly all known sweepers and scrubbers including Tennant, Powerboss, American Lincoln, K’archer, Hako, RCM, Dulevo, Advance/Nilfisk, Alto/Clarke, Conquest, Factory Cat and Polivac to mention a few.


We manufacture all our main brooms in a wide range of bristles which enables us to make the correct brush for our customer’s requirements. They are available in the standard Full Fill, Helix and Chevron brush patterns as well as our own Heavy Duty Zig Zag and Boomerang Brush patterns which are ideal for heavy sweeping.


Our handmade Polyurethane side brooms are uniquely designed by moulding individual filaments into the brush head to create extremely hard and durable brooms. These brushes can be used in all weather conditions and can be manufactured using virtually any combination of filament, soft or hard, to create the perfect custom made broom to suit any application.


NYLON - Double or triple row design for sweeping most materials and surfaces. Nylon offers longer bristle life and good hopper loading performance.
Brush Life - EXCELLENT

POLYPROPYLENE - Double or triple row design for sweeping most materials and surfaces, particularly good in wet areas. Polypropylene is economical and also retains it’s stiffness when wet.
Brush Life - GOOD to VERY GOOD

UNION FIBRE - Double row design for sweeping in very light dusty conditions on dry surfaces only.
Brush Life - FAIR to GOOD

NYLON PATROL - Double or Triple row Chevron design for sweeping large indoor and outdoor areas at higher speeds. The V shaped pattern of bristles gives superior hopper loading of sand, dust and larger debris.
Brush Life - EXCELLENT

WINGED BRUSH - Herringbone design with horizontal wings. Ideal for bulk pick up of fine debris.
Brush Life - VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT— Available in poly or nylon fill.

BOOMERANG BRUSH - Full fill brush design ideal for bulk pick up, general and heavy sweeping of most materials.
Brush Life - GOOD to VERY GOOD— Available in poly fill only.

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