Design your own brush


Our Custom Design sheets and forms make it easy to design your own unique brush. Our team will then organise a quote for you.

Our Videos guide you step by step through the process. 

We build quality custom built brushes designed with your individual specifications in mind. Manufactured using your choice of quality filament on state of the art brush making equipment. Our cutting edge technology and expertise means you will have the perfect brush every time.

From Food, Beverage, Print, Packaging through to Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Conveyor Cleaning and Machine Guarding — we can create brushes for any requirement or application.

Custom built brushes can take on many shapes and sizes and can be found in virtually any industry throughout the world.

Asia Pacific's largest manufacturer with manufacturing facilities located in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane as well as overseas facilities in New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia.

Technology available

  • Strip Brush Machinery
  • Punch & Staple Machinery
  • Twisted Wire Machinery
  • Polyurethane Mouldings
  • Fusing Welding
  • Hand Drawing also available


                               * Polypropylene                            * Goat Hair
                               * Nylon                            * Tampico Fibre
                               * Abrasive Nylon                            * Union Fibre
                               * Polyethylene                            * Bassine
                               * Polyester                            * Oil Tempered Wire
                               * Horse Hair                            * Spring Wire
                               * Pigs Hair                            * Brass Wire