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Industrial Brushware manufactures the highest quality performance brooms and brushes that meet and exceed OEM supplied brushware. Whatever make or model of cleaning equipment you operate, we have the brush to fit it. If we don't carry it in stock, we can make it for you. Check out our range or use our global search box to find the right brush for your Sweeper or Scrubber. We make brushes to fit all major brands: Tennant, Hako, Karcher, Nilfisk, Conquest, Fimap, Dulevo, RCM, Powerboss and many more. 


We design all of our main brooms in a wide range of bristles and patterns to ensure the most precise and accurate brush match for a customer's particular application. Our brooms are available in the standard Full Fill, Helix and Chevron brush patterns as well as our own Heavy Duty Zig Zag and Boomerang Brush patterns which are ideal for heavy sweeping. 

Our side gutter brooms are handmade Polyurethane and are uniquely designed by moulding individual filaments into the brush head to create extremely hard and durable brooms. They can be used in all weather conditions and can be manufactured using virtually any combination of filament, soft or hard, to create the perfect custom made broom to suit any application.

In a range of sizes and filaments from soft Nylon for more sensitive floors such as timber, marble and carpets to medium and even abrasive grit for heavily soiled concrete surfaces.

This unique abrasive floor system for concrete polishing, mastic removal and hardwood / concrete preparation is designed to be used with standard low pressure commercial scrubbing machines. 




To request a quote on a custom made Gutter / Side Brush or Disc Scrubbing brush, download and fill out a Custom Design Sheet for the relevant brush using the instructional video as a guide:

Gutter / Side Brush:


Disc Brush:



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