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Stationary brushes can be used where a power source is not available, or where the area for installation is very restricted.


Hard polypropylene back strip brushes are made by fusing high quality brush filaments into an extruded 3.2mm, 5.0mm or 8.0mm wide poly backing making the filaments become one with the backing. These brushes won't corrode as they are constructed entirely without the use of any metal parts.

Metal back strip brushes are made by filling brush fibres into a continuous metal channel, the brush fibres are held into the channel by a central rod which is then held in place by closing the sides of the channel and can be manufactured in either a stainless steel or galvanised backing to suit any application.

We manufacture a wide range of standard strip widths including: 3.2mm, 5.0mm, 8.0mm, 12mm & 14mm. Brushes can be cut into straight lengths or manipulated in our factory to form a multitude of shapes and sizes.

Strip brush lengths can be made to virtually any nominated size that can be transported & bristle lengths can range from 10mm up to 1000mm depending on the intended application and customer specification.

Custom aluminium brush holders are available to suit our 3.2mm, 5mm, 8mm & 12mm wide strip brushes and fabricated holders can be made to suit.

A full range of filaments are available. All synthetic fibres from 0.0005” (0.13mm) to 0.180” (3.0mm). All types of hairs, natural fibres, abrasives and wires available.

Rigid or Metal Back Strip Brushes – ideal for  Mining, Food Processing, Bottling Plants, Garage door seals, Machine guards,  Printing & Pharmaceutical Industries.

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